Pre- and Post-Partum Doula

Supporting women through the birthing process with nourishing care


The journey of bringing life into the world is a magical experience.  My job as a doula is to ensure that your partner, and you feel nourished, calm, and supported as your family grows.  Stress on any level does not serve your baby’s health or yours, which is why my services are designed to take away the overwhelm so you can focus on the health and happiness that’s happening in your body.  

Loving care to ensure the well-being of your growing family.

What is a doula?

There is an abundance of studies that show doulas improve not only the delivery process, but the physical and mental health of both baby and mother.   As a doula, I will be by your side to educate, guide, and advocate for your health and wellness.

Think of me as your personal birth coach who is there for not only you, but your partner.  I’ll bring education on how to prepare for birth but also how to ease any discomfort with breathing techniques, pressure points, and massage.  

During the labor process, I’ll be by your side to make you more comfortable, but also communicate your needs to both family and care givers.  

Once labor is over, having an extra set of experienced hands to help your new family rest and recover makes the world of difference.  My postpartum care option will help with breastfeeding as well as answer any questions that come up as your little one bonds with their new family.

 Whether you are about to be a first time parent or you are adding to your family, as a doula, I’m trained to bring calm, nourishing assistance   so everyone feels supported and understands how to best work together.  

Your birth plan should reflect your values and beliefs.  I’m here to uphold them so that you have an enjoyable birth experience that you will remember forever.  




How we can work together.

All of my services are tailored to make your birthing experience easier.  Depedning on your bith plan, you may want prenatal to postpartum support, or have me for a shorter part of your journey.  No matter what you choose, I promise to come in with the best intentions that are judgement free.

Birthing Support


If you are feeling anxious about delivering, this service allows for prenatal care and delivery room support.

This comes with 2 prenatal consultation visits (virtual or in person).

Labor support until baby is in your arms.

In home breastfeeding consultation once you are settled.


Postpartum Support


This service is intended for both new parents or parents who have children and need extra care while finding a routine with the new baby.

Virtual pre birth consultation to lay out timeline/guidelines/support focus.

4 in home visits over 8 weeks to support with breastfeeding, meal prep, and childcare so your partner and you can recover and rest.

$1800 for daytime visits

$2500 for overnight visits


Complete Birth
Journey Support


Want empowering, nourishing support through the entire process?  This service will phsyically, emotionally, and mentally support your family every step of the way.

3 in home prenatal consultation visits.

Labor support until baby is in your arms.

2  in home day visits + 2 in home night visits over 8 weeks to support with breastfeeding, meal prep, and childcare so your partner and you can recover and rest.



As a parent, you deserve to feel empowered and supportive

Hello, I’m Marianne.  Fellow parent, doula, and dog lover.

My birthing experience was not ideal.  I was afraid and alone as I arrived at the hospital.  Luckily, my partner made it by my side moments before I was rushed into another room for a C section.  I came to without a baby in my arms, dazed and confused.  

Despite my situation, the moment I held my baby girl in my arms was one I will never forget.  I only wish that I had been able to advocate for myself and feel more supported not only during labor, but also after we took her home.

When we found out we were expecting again, I knew something had to change, so I hired a doula who listened, educated, and supported our family.  It was incredible, and I had only wished our first child had been brought in under the same circumstances.  

So I decided to shift my career and become a doula myself.  All parents (both new and old) deserve the tenderness, care, and nurturing a doula provides.  It’s not only for the benefit of the baby, but the entire family. 

Seeing happy families bond with their new life brings me joy.  If you are looking to soak up every magic moment of birth,  we are the right fit.  Scroll to the bottom of this page to set up a complimentary consultation.  Can’t wait to meet you and hear about your growing family.  



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